Trump & Election Results: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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A week after Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election, John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s various attempts to overturn the results, why his claims don’t hold water, and the consequences of indulging him.
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Noah Pace
Noah Pace Pirms 8 Minūtes
wasn't feeling the forty fort bit until he brought it back around tho lol
Dale Brannon
Dale Brannon Pirms Stundas
Dumpster is struggling to be the VERY LAST PRESIDENT of the United States. I suspect he’s been offered a towering home in Russia If he destroys the USA.
Z1BABOUINOS Pirms 2 Stundām
*John Oliver debunking John Oliver!* _Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)_ *Nov 4, 2019* 😂 😂 🤣
Pauline Morris
Pauline Morris Pirms 8 Stundām
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Slide Pirms 9 Stundām
John Who?😜
King Richard I
King Richard I Pirms 9 Stundām
John, you continuously display your ignorance and your hatred of American history, our Constitutional Law, and the hatred of Americans. You are of no value! Talentless overpaid store janitorial employee. Get a real job! Tell the truth as your credibility is at 2%. Shameful! People don’t care for you. Get over it. President Trump is our president! Get over it little John. 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸
Trey Noe
Trey Noe Pirms 10 Stundām
Hillary didn’t concede
Annette Gonzales
Annette Gonzales Pirms 10 Stundām
That old lady summed it for most all Americans: “I voted against the other one” 😂🤣😆
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Pirms 10 Stundām
I liked it very much i am very thankfull?
Ryan Shull
Ryan Shull Pirms 13 Stundām
Wow Fox News and their BS
C Pirms 14 Stundām
Yeah, you are on our team!
Michael Merritt
Michael Merritt Pirms 16 Stundām
Mr. Oliver, May I request an episode on all the legal challenges Trump will face on his exit from office and losing the protection of Executive Privilege? Thank you!
OrigamiOwl Pirms 16 Stundām
Jon Voight.. A Trump supporter calling Biden satan? That's rich. How f'd does your brain have to be to think that? Pretty f'ing f'd, I'd guess.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Pirms 10 Stundām
Celestial vision
Celestial vision Pirms 17 Stundām
Look, when you have two sides like this both so huge and so adamant it's highly likely they are both wrong. And also both right. Anyone who assumes even after researching the topic that they know the whole story is ignorant because you can only be certain someone knows the most when they realize they hardly know anything. We don't know jack squat about space even after all the time we've spent looking at it, We don't know jack about ocean life even though we have studied it through and through, We don't about quantum physics, psychology, the human body, or even higher math. Everything we do know is a drop in the infinite bucket, so when one group says trump is good, and another claims he's the worst, the only one that is right is the little quiet voice that says I have no idea! You say trump is faking and he doesn't actually have proof of voter fraud, I could say he's the president and has access to more information than you. So it's impossible for you to know that. Am I pro trump? Nope... I am pro-America which I definitely believe most people have forgotten to be lately. Both the right and the left are prone to forget that thier groups are made up, and that they should really just stay quiet untill thier nation needs them. If everyone shut up for a minute we'd all find that we like the quiet. Trump didn't do any of the bad stuff people said he would do like start world war 3... in fact he shook hands with north Korea instead. So even if he isn't a good president you can be certain he is not as world-endingly bad as some say. Your best bet is that Trump is no better or worse than Obama or anyone who came before, he's just louder and more prone to speak his mind instead of hold his tounge. So far, even with the pandemic the world is still going. Yes people have died, no you can't blame that on the guy in charge, because no matter who was in charge the results would have been the same. The government was not prepared, and perhaps just doesn't care enough as a whole about the people to have kept the numbers any lower than they are. The vaccine is the only solution, and actually has been sped along at a tremendous speed!! So we should all be thankful. And pray, and think before we speak. I didn't vote this election and I don't plan to vote the next one. I honestly don't like Biden because he's done and said stuff that would make me label him as the weird old man from down the way. At least I would feel safer if I left trump alone with my kids than Biden. 😧 but trump has also done stuff that I'm not impressed with. Honestly I don't know who should be president, and neather do you. So we should all keep are voices low and stop acting like we have answers!
Mr Toon
Mr Toon Pirms 19 Stundām
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: America should invade America to bring democracy to America.
upercalm16 Pirms 19 Stundām
I'm Joe Biden and I forgot this message
C Win
C Win Pirms 20 Stundām
There is a good reason that guy is named Moscow Mitch.
Justa lil Jaded
Justa lil Jaded Pirms 21 Stundas
Man if this gets flipped i hope all yall like crow.. And i hope yall report CORRECT INFORMATION
Snacks256 Pirms 20 Stundām This is how. It's very, very simple.
Justa lil Jaded
Justa lil Jaded Pirms 21 Stundas
You really think this is over 37 fucking votes... FOH.. What about the 1.5 million sent out but over 2 million counted..
I Need A Name
I Need A Name Pirms 22 Stundām
cooldude333 Pirms 23 Stundām
I’m a Republican, and even I can admit Joe Biden won the election. The fact that the right cannot move past this is deeply concerning...
LDP00011 Pirms 23 Stundām
You have National Inquirer type arse holes in dark shadows and disguised voices claiming massive fraud. Nothing suspicious about. What a farking joke on fox news!
Jay D
Jay D Pirms dienas
Dean William
Dean William Pirms dienas
" Some shit like that" lol
Ricky Greer
Ricky Greer Pirms dienas
Watch this, its being deleted all over the place! They can't delete our DVRs, at least not yet
Z1BABOUINOS Pirms 3 Stundām
@Les Paul That *GEORGE* won ...? .....♿💤
Les Paul
Les Paul Pirms 21 Stundas
What is this supposed to prove?
WildHeart Pirms dienas
Sightings of Barr in western small town police depts deputizing officers!!! WTF is he up to now??? One police website bragged about him in their little town then, immediately deleted it!!
Archishman Mukherjee
Archishman Mukherjee Pirms dienas
Can't believe I'm missing a laugh track
DJ Mona Lisa
DJ Mona Lisa Pirms dienas
C. mao
C. mao Pirms dienas
The 'anonymous' person with the devil voice was probably judge Jeanine
Emily An
Emily An Pirms dienas
DID vote for him. But no one is flying off the handle screaming fraud at those votes just because they dont like or understand them.
Darcy Westerlund
Darcy Westerlund Pirms dienas
If Trump could have been "aborted" in his first term we wouldn't need a coat hanger to pull him out now.
Khaled Soliman
Khaled Soliman Pirms dienas
"Any man who must say 'I am the king!' is no true king." - Tywin Lannister.
Harry C
Harry C Pirms dienas
What the fuk are you talking about lol that part!
Emily An
Emily An Pirms dienas
Tbh I just want someone to report on if trump can take these cases to the supreme court or not cuz that matters
Timothy Horning
Timothy Horning Pirms dienas
Jon Voigt reading cure cards worse than an SNL host in a post 12:30am sketch.
Chi Foltz
Chi Foltz Pirms dienas
Wow, what a shill.
Marlene DR
Marlene DR Pirms dienas
It is sad that intelligent people are compelled to dignify these idiotic claims.
patti jo
patti jo Pirms dienas
Time will tell!! I’m gonna go for Trump2020 tho just to spite all your I guarantees!!! You are a fool being played like a fiddle!!
patti jo
patti jo Pirms dienas
@Stephen2462 you get my sarcasm like I get the tool putting on his show!!! Get a clue!! TRUMP2020 always been for Trump I watched this and another of the show to see his hypocrisy just like MSM... it’s ok for Dems but not Trump...
Stephen2462 Pirms dienas
So you act like an idiot just to spite people? I suppose that's all that can be expected from a Trump supporter.
Quite Right
Quite Right Pirms dienas
I’ll hand it to you, you have a real talent for propaganda. The fact remains that Trumps accusations remain unproven and as of now Biden appears to have the numbers, but to suggest that Trump has no legitimate cause for concern is very silly on your part. You are not a silly person hence my belief that you’re an excellent propagandist. Remember this little piece from a year ago? What’s changed?
Stephen2462 Pirms dienas
Oh, Trump has plenty cause for concern; leaving the White House means he's now vulnerable to prosecution and he'll no longer be able to abuse his position for extra cash. But I'm not sure how that's relevent. Nothing has changed, but it doesn't lend support to Trump' claims either.
Wicked Pirms dienas
"it's not over till the final fisting give.." *bruahahahahahaaaaa* roflmao!!!
friendlystranger123 Pirms 2 dienām
This election was rigged the same way the recent Canadian election was rigged. They're coming for the guns and freedom. The report acknowledged that China, Russia and other states were conducting foreign interference activities in Canada and that “elected and public officials across all orders of government” were being targeted. It added that 1.2 million Canadians were of Indian descent, and that some communities were “vulnerable to foreign interference either as targets or as a means of undermining Canadian values and freedoms.” “A great deal of foreign interference has the goal of creating a single narrative Former Liberal adviser rips party over racial insensitivity in government ranks Aziz said that while he worked in the department, he heard staffers referring to certain communities as "ethnic vote banks." Could this be why Biden wants to lift the ban?: Canadian Muslim Voting Guide breached federal law: Elections commissioner featured “profiles of key public, media and political figures as well as organizations that produce and distribute Islamophobic ideologies and propaganda.” it was given the thumbs up by Liberal and New Democratic leaders In the months leading up to the election, a group called The Canadian Muslim-Vote (TCMV) was unapologetic in predicting the power the organized Muslim vote could yield over the 2019 federal election results. “The Canadian Muslim community has the numbers to decide the winners and losers this election, which directly impacts the composition of the government we will have,” Tilting the system toward family reunification and away from skilled workers diminished the economic benefits that had traditionally come with immigration. But it maximized the political benefits to Trudeau. This endeared many existing immigrant communities to the Liberals and encouraged wide swaths of new Canadians to vote for Trudeau when the time came. With a bribed media and schools pumping out marxist liberal voters, you've got yourself a rigged system. Conservatives want to preserve the West so why would a marxist determined to destroy the West, vote Republican? University campuses have always leaned a little left. But in the 1990s, as the previous generation of academics was replaced by baby boomers, they began to lean dramatically left. The humanities and social sciences were colonized by an unholy alliance of poststructuralists and Marxists - people who believe that Western civilization is a corrupt patriarchy that must be dismantled. I’ve known since I was a teenager that some public school social studies teachers seem to lean toward Marxism. I came home one day from Grade 8 social studies class telling my parents that my teacher thought the Soviet Union was just terrific. My dad had a different view. He didn’t think much of the fact that Joseph Stalin had starved 10 million people, mostly Ukrainians Castro's son who's now Canada's prime minister bragging about bribing the media: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's tribute complimenting Fidel Castro as "remarkable" and a "larger than life leader who served his people" drew criticism and derision. Same tactic used in the US: How Voters Turned Virginia From Deep Red to Solid Blue Unlike three decades ago, the residents are often from other places, like India and Korea. And when they vote, it is often for Democrats. “Guns, that is the most pressing issue for me,” said Vijay Katkuri, 38, a software engineer from southern India, explaining why he voted for a Democratic challenger in Tuesday’s elections. He was shopping for chicken at the Indian Spice Food Market. “There are lots of other issues, but you can only fix them if you are alive.” Mr. Katkuri’s vote - the first of his life - helped flip a longtime Republican State Senate district and deliver the Virginia statehouse to the Democratic Party for the first time in a generation. Once the heart of the confederacy, Virginia is now the land of Indian grocery stores, EDUCATION; The Mainstreaming of Marxism in U.S. Colleges A Marxist Education In 'Hypersensitivity' As A Cause Of Violence On American Campuses A 2004 poll found that among sociology professors, 25 percent self-identified as "Marxist,” 49 percent identified as Democrats, and 5 percent as Republicans. It’s not just sociology - in social sciences broadly, more professors identified as Marxist than as conservative. California has curriculum modeled more on marxism than on markets The Infiltration of Marxism Into Higher Education (Part 1 of 2) Part 2: School Programs Mixed With Social Marxism Spread Through America Black lives matter founder Patrisse Cullors admitting they're well trained marxists: I don't need a link to show you how controlled and far left American media is. Yuri Bezmenov interview: Chinese book written by two Generals called unrestricted warfare: Describes how to defeat an enemy that is technologically superior. Psychological warfare and drug warfare (fentanyl is a good example which has killed thousands of Americans and Canadians) are listed. Even without ballot stuffing/dumping or hacked voting machines, the electoral system in the West is rigged by communists. The commies couldn't beat America and its allies on the battlefield so they switched over to soft tactics. The reason why the West is so messed up is because of communist psychological warfare that was really ramped up when Kennedy was assassinated. The commie sympathizers in Canada are doing the exact same thing they are doing in America. They're using Marxism combined with "social justice" to manipulate the population and using even more immigration to rig the electoral system. They're also trying to ideologically divide all of us to prevent unity. Venezuelans regret gun ban, 'a declaration of war against an unarmed population' As Venezuela continues to crumble under the socialist dictatorship of President Nicolas Maduro, some are expressing words of warning - and resentment - against a six-year-old gun control bill that stripped citizens of their weapons. “Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people, or at least able to put up a fight,” Javier Vanegas, 28, a Venezuelan teacher of English now exiled in Ecuador, told Fox News. “The government security forces, at the beginning of this debacle, knew they had no real opposition to their force. Once things were this bad, it was a clear declaration of war against an unarmed population.” Castreau lying about not confiscating guns: Biden wants to see China rise: Biden wants China to infiltrate every level of America: Biden wants to take your guns:
nadt Pirms 2 dienām
This is my first time watching John Oliver. Definitely won't be my last. Well spoken, passionate and very interesting.
Annette Gonzales
Annette Gonzales Pirms 2 dienām
In Denmark we have an old saying, that perfectly encompass the Trump administration, and it goes: A thief thinks every man steals. Edit: I just want to point out that i never said that the Danes came up with this saying, just that we have it... it actually warms my heart to see so many different versions of the same saying all around the world. Makes me think we are all more alike, despite colour, creed or place of origin. Also @Accolade Awarded I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my views more in depth.
Annette Gonzales
Annette Gonzales Pirms 10 Stundām
Trump knows the only thing keeping him out of prison is being in the White House.
Cookthief Pirms 2 dienām
i will never eat Oreo's again
Nikhil Sai
Nikhil Sai Pirms 2 dienām
katey kilmer
katey kilmer Pirms 2 dienām
That old lady summed it for most all Americans: “I voted against the other one” 😂🤣😆
sean grif
sean grif Pirms 2 dienām
"You can no longer square your love for them with their love for him" hits hard. This has torn families apart.
NicolaW72 Pirms 2 dienām
Thank you very much to John Oliver for pointing that out plain and clear.
Silvia Ionadi
Silvia Ionadi Pirms 2 dienām
This episode is brilliant and succinctly demonstrates how harmful and damning unproven conspiracy theories can be . So, can we just include this episode in our history books? democracy will appreciate it, thanks.
justanotherguyful Pirms 2 dienām
Tbh I just want someone to report on if trump can take these cases to the supreme court or not cuz that matters
Wanda Baileyer
Wanda Baileyer Pirms 2 dienām
That old lady summed it for most all Americans: “I voted against the other one” 😂🤣😆
đỗ hiếu
đỗ hiếu Pirms 2 dienām
They don't like Biden but they hate Trump.
đỗ hiếu
đỗ hiếu Pirms 2 dienām
loser . com :)))
Doesnt Matter
Doesnt Matter Pirms 2 dienām
right on , the yellow turtle was a good intro
NicolaW72 Pirms 2 dienām
Indeed! :-)
Robyn Blake
Robyn Blake Pirms 2 dienām
Ethan Wilkins
Ethan Wilkins Pirms 2 dienām
Which God? And where did they say that? I'm curious lol.
Stephen2462 Pirms 2 dienām
lolnope. Just a sad orange loser and his cult.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Pirms 2 dienām
"Any man who must say 'I am the king!' is no true king." - Tywin Lannister.
Marc Evens
Marc Evens Pirms 2 dienām
Mr. Tintin
Mr. Tintin Pirms 2 dienām
Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. Raphael Warnock. Jon Ossoff. These two people need to be in the Senate on January 5th for stuff to get done.
suehuybensz Pirms 2 dienām
No...the turtle looks like Donald Trump peeking out of an omelet.
Les Paul
Les Paul Pirms 21 Stundas
@niduoe stre How so? There was initial outrage but Hillary conceded on election night, and people were upset for some time after that. Now the results are in but Trump and his cult deny the results. If anyone is not accepting the results, it's the trumpists.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Pirms 2 dienām
Bro, the left didn’t accept the results of the last election, still haven’t. Hypocritical Cracks
Jim Reitenbach
Jim Reitenbach Pirms 2 dienām
Trump issued this little Executive Order in 2018 that could change everything. Trump 2020
Jim Reitenbach
Jim Reitenbach Pirms 18 Stundām
@Les Paul I don't either but this election is one like I've never seen before.
Les Paul
Les Paul Pirms 19 Stundām
@Jim Reitenbach Interesting. But there is no tie right now. Like, at all. The counting as it has been done (and redone in some parts of the US) still heavily favour Biden. I don't see how any of these scenarios could realistically take place.
Jim Reitenbach
Jim Reitenbach Pirms 20 Stundām
@Les Paul Under the Constitution's 12th Amendment, the House would select the next president and the Senate would pick the vice president if no candidate has a majority of Electoral College votes. By law, states have until Dec. 8 to certify their results or have the state legislature appoint electors to the Electoral College, which is set to convene on Dec. 14. Congress is set to formally count electors' votes and declare a winner on Jan. 6. In the scenario of a tie, each state would only have a single vote in the House of Representatives. The party with more House seats would determine the presidential vote. Republicans control 26 state delegations, while Democrats hold 23. Pennsylvania is split between both parties, and Republicans also have a chance to break even with Democrats in Michigan and Minnesota if they capture one additional seat in each state.
Les Paul
Les Paul Pirms 20 Stundām
@Jim Reitenbach I'm not sure what's gonna happen either, though Trump did say this week he would accept the result if the Electoral College claim Biden wins. I don't know what the protocol is either, this election is definitely one of the most unconventional ones ever.
Jim Reitenbach
Jim Reitenbach Pirms 20 Stundām
@Les Paul No I don't think he will. He will explore all legal means and if that fails he will leave. I don't know the protocol if corruption is proven. It may go to a House vote I've heard.
Freerider2142 Pirms 3 dienām
Richard 303
Richard 303 Pirms 3 dienām
John Oliver supports Joe Biden, neocon war monger.
robosbabydoll Pirms 3 dienām
He made a Ski Patrol reference!! 🤣🤣🤣
Effie Oliver
Effie Oliver Pirms 3 dienām
"Death threats for counting a democracy" Wow what has the US become?
Angel Lezay
Angel Lezay Pirms 3 dienām
I'm confused, are we snowflakes or are we literally Satan?
Ivana Taylor
Ivana Taylor Pirms 3 dienām
Haii John 💕
Jacob Smitzenwaffenburgerstein
Jacob Smitzenwaffenburgerstein Pirms 3 dienām
What kind of idiot compares following Constitutional law = coup d'etat? These liberals are are joke. They definitely are not "liberals" at all. Radical left authoritarians is more accurate
Stephen2462 Pirms 3 dienām
Considering that by "following Constitutional law" you actually mean "lying about the election results and telling your cult to do the same", it's not too far off.
Germany Jones
Germany Jones Pirms 3 dienām
Gravey grave? Have a safe thanksgiving John
MDKAI Pirms 3 dienām
Isn't it astonishing how much a moronic right wing demagogue cant absolutely wreck our country? You can also blame grifters and biased media.
Rick Ryker
Rick Ryker Pirms 3 dienām
Must. Watch.
Brendan Kalosky
Brendan Kalosky Pirms 3 dienām
I feel like as soon as the transition is over Twitter will ban him, idk just seems like something that would happen
Eric Allen
Eric Allen Pirms 3 dienām
"It's not over until the final fisting you give." I think I just found my gravestone quote.
Bob Snow
Bob Snow Pirms 3 dienām
Bro, the left didn’t accept the results of the last election, still haven’t. Hypocritical Cracks
Michael Abbott
Michael Abbott Pirms 2 dienām
We didn't like it, but we learned to deal with it.
Stephen2462 Pirms 3 dienām Try again
Willie Pirms 3 dienām
How about I kick your ass for free Johnny boy
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 Pirms 3 dienām
Trump is already forgotten history,. Kick him all you want it makes no difference, but it does show us the pathetic are. John Oliiver I had higher expectations. Funny, the same problems are all still there. Let me list them : Lazy American students refuse to take STEM degrees. They continue to take Lib Arts and default on loans.
In God we trust
In God we trust Pirms 3 dienām
only 2? you are a fool.
TyDie85 Pirms 3 dienām
I can't express enough how much I appreciate that "gravy grave" line 🤣
J Cloutier
J Cloutier Pirms 3 dienām
Now I can never enjoy "Midnight Cowboy" again. You know, the movie where Voight played a dumb sleazy male prostitute.
billy fix
billy fix Pirms 3 dienām
Now claim this as satire and you're a genius since I'm watching after the Dominion crime.
J Cloutier
J Cloutier Pirms 3 dienām
Thank you, John Oliver, for helping me cope.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Pirms 3 dienām
Saying that there is a major difference between not my president and not the president is really important
Brik Haus
Brik Haus Pirms 3 dienām
Jon Voight seems like he's forgotten what's real he thinks he's playing another role without knowing it
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn Pirms 3 dienām
"The fact that T*** is not going to be President is really good. It's really good!" thanks, John - just so simply, but so truly put!! :} 🕊🇺🇸
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn Pirms 3 dienām
Simply put - John Voight is nuts. i mean Satan???! when i was 13, i sort of met him when he was in a show my Dad was in near Chicago. he was such a good looking young man, full of life. if i had known, i would have stepped on his foot :}
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Pirms 3 dienām this is John Oliver in 2019. Showing how flawed the Voting system was.
Temp Email
Temp Email Pirms 3 dienām
Keep talking brother exclamation
Dale B
Dale B Pirms 3 dienām
Thank God for John Oliver. It will be a rough December without him directing the daily stupidity of Donald Trump and the minions who surround and defend him like humoring a three-year old.
Morgan Irvine
Morgan Irvine Pirms 3 dienām
This year fells purgatory
PeasantThoughts Pirms 3 dienām
The info at 6:02 is untrue the man did not recant his story and instead after the media claimed this he came out again and stated that he had not recanted his claim and that this is not true and is a lie made up by the media which have given zero proof that he claimed this. Then the thing is the claim at 7:36 which at first might sound crazy isn't actually as crazy as it would seem as in the UK the labour party was caught committing election fraud in Birmingham 2005 election because did some very similar things.
Carly Pirms dienas
@PeasantThoughts Here's the full Politico article that your own source cited "State election officials and Dominion acknowledge that there was a problem with the poll books but have been adamant that no such last-minute update occurred and that no change was made to the pollbooks after Oct. 31. Dominion also denies that any of its representatives ever told Ridley’s staff that someone from the company had made an update. " "Gabriel Sterling, the voting system implementation manager in the Georgia secretary of state’s office,disputed Ridley’s initial account about the update, telling reporters on Nov. 9 that the log files for the poll books show that the last update to them before the election was made on Oct. 31. “There was nothing that was done to the system after that date,” he said." "In a statement Thursday, Ridley said that Dominion has assured her that “no system can be updated remotely without the knowledge of [the company],” indicating that an update could not have been made by anyone else either without detection." Multiple sources denied that Dominion pushed a update on the day before the election ,and the logs showed that the last update was on Oct. 31. Dominion even encouraged the state to go over the logs. "The problem initially prevented voters from casting ballots on voting machines on Election Day in Morgan and Spalding counties after the poll books failed to work, county officials said at the time. Poll workers gave voters paper ballots until a workaround allowed the use of voting machines to resume, and in response to the problem, Superior Court Judge W. Fletcher Sams extended voting hours." The issue had nothing to do with switching votes either ,and the courts remedied the problem by extending voter hours.
PeasantThoughts Pirms 2 dienām
@Carly I do recommend you read this article at CaliforniaGlobe and this part in specific “Marcia Ridley of the Spalding County Board of Elections, had initially attributed the problem to a vendor’s 11th-hour update to the equipment. But log files for the devices - electronic poll books that poll workers use to sign in voters at precincts - show that no such update occurred to the devices the night before Election Day, Ridley said in a statement to POLITICO. However, she said she stands by her previous statements last week that a representative for the election technology vendor, Dominion Voting Systems, told her office that it had uploaded some kind of update the night before the election and that this had created the glitch.”
Carly Pirms 2 dienām
​@PeasantThoughts The glitch only changed votes with a unofficial tally ,and was easily corrected by updating the software. The unofficial tally is just one of many failsafes put in place before the votes are officially tallied which is why it was caught so early on . All court cases around this incident were dismissed as there's no evidence that it was exploited to switch votes on a massive scale with the official count.
PeasantThoughts Pirms 2 dienām
@Carly However I do vehemently believe so trickery went on with the voting machines as If you google "voting machines switching votes" you will not find a single article from a leftwing site/newspaper saying it is true but rather all of them saying this is untrue. But if you google "voting machines glitch" instead you will be able to find some of them admitting that a "glitch" had some votes to switch sides to the other candidate.
PeasantThoughts Pirms 2 dienām
@Carly That is big deal real big deal. I just read the BusinessInsider article in it he does admit that his boss didn't tell him or others to his knowledge to commit crimes however he does state that his boss accepted one vote that arrived on the 4th but was backdated for the 3rd. So If a crime was committed by the supervisor it was for a single vote lol.
The Night Messenger
The Night Messenger Pirms 3 dienām
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The final fisting you give! BWAHAHAHAHAHA. John you always make me smile. ❤❤❤
Diego Pusineri
Diego Pusineri Pirms 3 dienām
8320 Forty Fort inhabitants felt offended so far
FYW gamer
FYW gamer Pirms 3 dienām
John why are you always talking bad about Trump? Then also talk bad about the democrats otherwise It’s seen on which side are you. I mean you’re not even American and you have so much to say about it.
Stephen2462 Pirms 3 dienām
@FYW gamer Pretty sure tha thas less to do with "balls" and more a combination of JO's own bias, and that Biden's nowhere near as bad. I mean, compared to Trump Biden is downright bland. Making fun of him would get boring fast unless he decided to regurgitate conservative propoganda.
FYW gamer
FYW gamer Pirms 3 dienām
@Stephen2462 If he had balls he could also make fun of Biden now but of course HBO is not independent media.
Stephen2462 Pirms 3 dienām
@FYW gamer Fair, though since he'll be out soon, we should be close to the end of it.
FYW gamer
FYW gamer Pirms 3 dienām
@Stephen2462 yeah but he is starting to repeat himself always just Trump this Trump that
Stephen2462 Pirms 3 dienām
Of course JO is biased, but it's not his fault Trump has been such a terrible president.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Pirms 3 dienām
Is this a propagation of the myth that popular votes matter, when it's the electoral college that decides the presidency?
Michael Abbott
Michael Abbott Pirms 2 dienām
Oh the horror! The people more people wanted in charge should be in charge! What a nightmare!
Stephen2462 Pirms 3 dienām
Nope; Biden won both.
Vaibhav Rothe
Vaibhav Rothe Pirms 3 dienām
Olga m
Olga m Pirms 3 dienām
Demorats 🤑🤑🤑🤑😈😈
Stephen2462 Pirms 3 dienām
Sounds like another Trumpie got triggered.
Schraubstock Pirms 4 dienām
boy is he talking fast... for non-native speakers a speed of 0.75 seems to be adequate to keep up with him. :P
Ricky Pirms 4 dienām
why the hell are we talking about this, it only validates him. I understand people need to be informed about coronavirus conspiracy theories and why voted ID laws were not needed but this is so stupid it doesn't deserve an argument. It's unbelievable how many people believe it though it really is sad.
Ian Williams
Ian Williams Pirms 4 dienām
ynwa john
PrometheusV Pirms 4 dienām
Funny thing: When Tucker Carlson was mad about the investigation team not coming up with useable evidence, Fox viewer immediately jumped on him that he now gets paid by democrats and Fox is pandering lately to the left. A huge number of fans said in the comments that you cant trust Fox anymore and that they are now watching Newsmax since its the only non fake news channel. I love it :)
David ican
David ican Pirms 4 dienām this is John Oliver in 2019. Showing how flawed the Voting system was.
Erwin Lorenzana
Erwin Lorenzana Pirms 4 dienām
I hope you stand with David chappelle I'm cancelling my subscription to hbo if his shows still up next month
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo Pirms 4 dienām
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo Pirms 4 dienām ....
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo Pirms 4 dienām
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